The Price of Marlboro Cigarettes in the United States: A Detailed Analysis

Cigarette Prices and Taxes by State

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Marlboro Cigarettes


Cigarette Prices and Taxes by State

When it comes to cigarette prices, the United States stands out as one of the highest-priced markets in the world. In 2020, the average cost of a pack of 20 cigarettes in the US was $6.71, significantly higher than the international average of $4.52. This means that Americans pay about 50% more for their cigarettes compared to the global average. The high prices can be attributed to the taxes and fees imposed by federal and state governments on tobacco products. Over the years, the federal excise taxes on cigarettes have seen a significant increase, from 1 cent per pack in 2009 to $1.01 per pack in 2020, representing a staggering 10,000% increase. Additionally, some states and cities have implemented further legislation, such as raising the minimum cigarette purchasing age to 21 or banning flavored products altogether, driving prices even higher for consumers who wish to purchase these products legally.

Cigarette Prices and Taxes by State

Cigarette prices and taxes vary significantly from state to state in the US. Here is a detailed breakdown of the pack of cigarettes cost and cigarette tax by state:

StatePack of Cigarettes CostCigarette Tax
New York$10.53$4.35
District of Columbia$10.42$4.53
Rhode Island$9.87$4.25
New Jersey$8.06$2.70
New Mexico$7.17$2.00
New Hampshire$6.79$1.78
South Dakota$6.69$1.53
West Virginia$6.24$1.20
South Carolina$5.57$0.57
North Dakota$5.43$0.44
North Carolina$5.36$0.45

Cheapest Cigarettes by State

If you’re searching for the cheapest cigarettes in the US, Missouri, Georgia, North Carolina, North Dakota, and Tennessee top the list. Missouri holds the crown as the state with the cheapest cigarettes, with an average price of $5.21 per pack. Following closely is Georgia, with cigarettes priced at $5.35 per pack, and North Carolina in third place with an average price of $5.36 per pack. North Dakota comes in fourth, with cigarettes costing $5.43 per pack, and Tennessee rounds out the top five, with an average price of $5.54 per pack.

Most Expensive Cigarettes by State

On the other end of the spectrum, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Alaska boast the highest cigarette prices in the country. New York leads the pack with a whopping $10.53 per pack, followed by Connecticut at $10.04 and Rhode Island at $9.87. Massachusetts takes the fourth spot with an average price of $9.75, and Alaska claims the fifth position with cigarettes priced at $9.55 per pack.

Cigarette Prices by Brand

Cigarette prices can also vary depending on the brand. While Marlboro, Newport, and American Spirit are among the most popular cigarette brands in the US, their prices can differ significantly. Generally, Marlboro cigarettes tend to be the most expensive, with prices averaging around $9 per pack in many states. American Spirit cigarettes are usually less expensive, with an average cost of about $7 per pack. Newport cigarettes are priced slightly lower than Marlboro, typically costing around $6 per pack across many states. It’s important to note that prices can vary further within individual states, depending on local sales taxes and additional taxes imposed on tobacco products.

Carton of Cigarettes Price

If you’re a frequent smoker, buying cigarettes by the carton can provide significant cost savings. A carton typically contains 10 packs of cigarettes and costs between $30 and $60 in the US. This means that the price of one pack of cigarettes when purchasing a carton can range from $3 to $6, offering savings of up to 30%. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the price of a carton of cigarettes varies from state to state and even from store to store. For example, a carton of cigarettes can cost $55 in Delaware and Florida, while in Maine and Maryland, the price can go up to $66. New Jersey takes the lead with an average carton price of $76. Additionally, the type and brand of cigarettes can also affect the price, with Marlboro cartons ranging from $55 to $65, Newport cartons averaging around $50, and American Spirit cartons potentially costing up to $80.

Cigarette Tax by State

Cigarette tax plays a vital role in determining the price of cigarettes in each state. It is also a crucial source of revenue for many states across the US. The amount of tax imposed on cigarettes varies from state to state, and in some cases, even within localities within the state. The District of Columbia has the highest cigarette tax in the country, imposing a rate of $4.50 per pack. New York and Connecticut closely follow with taxes of $4.35 per pack. These high tax rates aim to discourage smoking and generate revenue for the state.

On the other hand, states with the lowest cigarette tax rates include Missouri, with a tax rate of just $0.17 per pack, followed by Georgia at $0.37 per pack, and North Carolina and North Dakota, both with taxes of less than $0.50 per pack. These lower tax rates may incentivize smokers to purchase cigarettes in these states rather than neighboring states with higher tax rates.

It’s worth noting that states have been increasing their cigarette taxes in recent years as part of efforts to raise revenue and discourage smoking. For example, both Illinois and Massachusetts increased their cigarette tax rates in 2021. The long-term impact of these tax increases on smoking rates and state revenue remains to be seen.


The price of Marlboro cigarettes in the United States varies significantly from state to state. While the average price for a pack of cigarettes in the US is $6.28, individual states can experience much higher or lower prices due to taxes and other factors. Factors such as brand, local sales taxes, and additional taxes on tobacco products can also influence the price of cigarettes. Smokers looking for more affordable options can consider purchasing cigarettes by the carton, which can provide significant cost savings. Ultimately, understanding the price variations and tax rates by state can help smokers make informed decisions about their cigarette purchases.