The answer is, of course, not. But, some may think that cigarettes are cheaper online, because they might have a lower tax rate. However, the tax rate is not the sole reason for the price difference. Some states do not have sales tax, which means that the price of cigarettes is even more inflated.

The world of online shopping has increased in popularity in recent years for many reasons. The ability to purchase items online is cost-effective and convenient. There are also many online retailers that offer free shipping and special deals, so it’s easier to get things at a lower price. However, some consumers are concerned with the cost of goods when they’re bought online. This is a question that may cause some concern. Are cigarettes cheaper online?

The Federal Trade Commission is currently investigating whether or not online cigarette sales are illegal. This is because many online retailers offer cigarettes for lower prices than you can find in a store. For example, if you were to buy two packs of cigarettes for $20 in a store, an online retailer might sell the same two packs for $10. This is because the retailer doesn’t have to pay the taxes that the store does.